All net proceeds from my books are donated to nonprofit organizations that support our communities.

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The Battle of Snowball Cover

The Battle of Snowball

You’ve heard about the Battle of Waterloo, the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battle of the Bulge. But have you ever heard about the Battle of Snowball? This famous snow battle occurred in the early 1970s in a fortified snow fort nestled in a small neighborhood in Pennsylvania. A group of neighborhood friends divided into two teams, strategized their snow attacks, and readied their snowballs for battle! This is a delightful children’s story about the fun of snowball battles, the importance of friendships and even conflict resolution when battles do occur.

“The Battle of Snowball,” the fourth book in Rak’s children’s book series, promotes the ideal that “the simplest pleasures are our greatest treasures.” It reinforces the importance of creative play, honesty, open communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution amongst children of diverse backgrounds. There is also a formal teaching element to this book, as it comes complete come with corresponding activities that tie into core areas of learning standards for early childhood development: Scientific Thinking, Language & Literacy, Learning Through Creative Play, and Health & Wellness.

For Teachers!

Each of my books comes with suggested lesson programming/plans and learning activities that tie into PA’s Standards for Education.

Pam/Anne Restaurant

All Net Proceeds Donated to Jefferson-Clarion Head Start

Order on Table 2! Get ready for your child to engage in creative play as they run a restaurant in their very own kitchen. The world-famous Pam/Anne Restaurant opened its doors in 1969 and served many an imagined patron. In fact, it was next to impossible to get an imaginary table! An active little girl gets in her mother’s way from time to time, the best way to engage her is to open a restaurant and assign her specific responsibilities to get the job done right. Your child will love this story, which opens their worlds to new words, introduces them to the importance of creative play, teamwork and even problem-solving. This children’s book is beautifully illustrated by Susan Vincent, with design and layout provided by Lindsay Johnson. Both artists are based in Pittsburgh.

For Teachers!

Each of my books comes with suggested lesson programming/plans and learning activities that tie into PA’s Standards for Education.

Christmas Treedition

All Net Proceeds Donated to Head Start Programs

Every child wants the perfect Christmas Tree! Let the journey begin with “Christmas Treedition!” You’ll smell the pines, feel snowflakes hitting your nose, hear the crunching snow as you trek through a field to find the perfect tree. And you’ll feel the love that simple pleasures bring to families like yours! This children’s book is beautifully illustrated by Susan Vincent, based in Pittsburgh, PA.

For Teachers!

Each of my books comes with suggested lesson programming/plans and learning activities that tie into PA’s Standards for Education.

Sassafras Tea

All Net Proceeds Donated to the Clarion Free Library

“Sassafras Tea” is a delightful children’s book about an annual father/daughter tradition of brewing Sassafras Tea, creating memories that are so important to children. The book is entertaining, comical and the story is brought to life by bold, colorful illustrations that appeal to the youngest of readers. This children’s book is beautifully illustrated by Jeanine Murch, based in Pittsburgh, PA.

For Teachers!

Each of my books comes with suggested lesson programming/plans and learning activities that tie into PA’s Standards for Education.

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There are various ways you can purchase my books and help nonprofits who help children.

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Our Community Donate-a-Book program is a unique opportunity to share your love of books with others in your very own community. Whether it’s a Head Start program, church, school, library or other organization that supports children, we’ll donate one of our ClarionKidBooks of your choice and in your name to your favorite organization.


Simply complete the form and we’ll take care of the rest! We’ll package your selected book beautifully and send it to your desired organization along with a personal greeting card outlining the donation you so kindly made. This simple gesture gives the gift of reading to others in your community whose mission is to help children learn, grow and enrich their lives.

Thank you for your generosity!

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There are two ways that you can order my books in bulk. You may order directly from me (following the instructions for “Individual Purchases’ or through the book publishing company, Ingram. There is a 40% discount on books purchased for resale or in bulk. Contact me for more details!

See the suggested lesson plans for each of my books here.

Reasons Behind My Rhymes

Back in 1969, a little girl who was growing-up in a little town, descended a flight of stairs and entered a world that would change her life forever: The Clarion Free Public Library, nestled in the little Main Street of Clarion, Pennsylvania. From a little seat at a little table, she surrounded herself with books, and something magical occurred: Her imagination grew and grew and grew some more.

This little girl with the big imagination is me.

Throughout my life, worlds and poems became my constant companion. When I was bored, I read. When I started school, I started writing. When I went to college, I studied communications. When I graduated, words became my career, my hobby, and my solace.

And now, words have become my memories, and my mission. My books comprise a series of children’s books that offer a fast-paced world a few minutes to slow down.

And speaking of slowing down…

In 2020, two planets aligned in my universe. First, I graduated from Leadership Pittsburgh (LP Class XXXVI) and, second, COVID-19 hit the United States. As my work and social engagements slowed-down, my creativity ramped-up. I started reminiscing about simpler times and simpler places and a series of story-poems about my childhood came pouring out of me.

Children’s Books That Give Back to Children

I decided to turn them into children’s books and use the proceeds of the sales to support nonprofits that support children in our communities. So far, my community-driven mission has resulted in a wonderful partnership with the Head Start Programs in Pennsylvania. Learning programs are now part of these books for Head Start classrooms and teachers. 

And we’re just getting started! I hope my books remind us that the simplest pleasures are our greatest treasures. There are so much our children can learn – and enjoy – from them. Thank you for supporting my books and my community-driven mission!

Happy Readers

Happy readers become lifelong readers, and learners. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiling faces of children reading my books!

If you have a happy reader in your life who has received one of my books, please submit a picture or video and we’ll post it!

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